Dear God,

As I sit in front of my computer I realize just how confused and overwhelmed I can get. My life at this stage should be simple, peaceful, and serene.

Looking out my sliding glass door, I watch nature bloom in all its color and glory. Flowers are popping out in magnificent colors and the birds strut their colors and song to attract their mate. They seem to be oblivious to what is happening around the globe. We as human are feeling a ‘near death’ experience and our world will never go back to what it used to be like.

But that is when I realize my own life will never go back to what it once was! Thank goodness in some ways. And then there is the WHY? Sometimes I can look at what has happened in my lifetime and feel regret, anger and even bitterness that…

During lunch with girlfriends recently, we all had that aha moment, not really, because it was not something new, BUT we were able to laugh about how much our lives had changed since graduating from high school 55 years ago. We all have had encounters and adventures that led us down different paths. There were good moments that we would never want to change, and there were those moments that were painful to recall. Out of those painful moments can come a bright spot that helps us realize we would not want it to have been any different.

In each story there will be different characters playing a different role. The important part for me is not the WHY, but the HOW do I look at that situation in the past and feel differently about that situation in the present. I am learning that my emotions can no longer be in the driver’s seat because that path can lead to self-destruction. Additionally, my emotions ruling the moment can lead to destroying someone else as well, even when it is not my intention.

So if my emotions are not to allowed to be in control, how do I manage the pain of what happened?

First, I am learning to look at the FACTS…is that really true?

Next, I am to have FAITH that I am in God’s hands and he is in control!

Then, my emotions will follow. This is not to deny my emotions, but to not let them be in control of my actions.

So I ASK in prayer to look at the facts and have faith that God will give me the direction I need. Then I trust that I am no longer in fear of why is this happening, not only in my life, but in the world as it continues to change from the past into the present. Thank you for allowing me to see that I do not need to worry about the why or the how. I will spend time each day in quiet reflection as I give it to God and then listen.

With gratitude, Norma Jean