Thank you so much for your friendly and wise counsel over the last few months.
When I asked for help in getting off of my weight loss plateau, little did I know that it wasn’t how many calories I ate. ( I had been meticulously counting calories and exercising for months without results.) Rather, it was the nutritional imbalance that had my body in a turmoil. Step by step, Norma guided me toward a nutritional and lifestyle approach that not only had me losing weight again, but helped reduced the inflammation that was causing me discomfort and lack of sleep. I’ve definitely learned to listen to what my body is telling me . . . eliminated foods that make me feel bad, and adding food, vitamins and minerals that make me feel good. And, as a bonus, I’m no longer relying on pain medication to get me through a round of golf or the many other activities that make my life full of fun! Again, thanks for getting me on a path to healthier living! I’m looking forward to enjoying my retired days in Arizona even more than before.