Success Stories

We know that the women that we work with have life-changing results by learning the Art of Feeling Good, Naturally. Read their stories and decide if you want to have the success that you can have by creating a healthy lifestyle.

Before working with Norma, I was struggling to create balance between my personal and professional life. As a new teacher, I was feeling overwhelmed. After three sessions, I have been able to really put things in perspective. I have learned the importance of deep breathing to help lower my anxiety and stress. Best of all, these techniques can be incorporated into my classroom management. Deep breathing and guided imagery is not just for adults, but is something that can help children as well. Most of all, through the weekly sessions with other women and Norma as coach, has been a highly empowering, motivating experience and a gentle reminder that while we are all different we are also very much the same in our struggles. I highly recommend taking classes with Norma! She is a down to earth, facilitator who will guide you towards stress free living.

Chrissy B

I have found the breathing exercises and the visualization to be very helpful during times of stress or anxiety. It has helped me to take the focus off the fear or stress and to become more calm. I recommend this program for anyone who struggles with stress or anxiety and even if you just need tools to help you unwind and relax.

Rita C.

Before working with Norma, I was experiencing stress from several aspects of my life. I needed to learn how to relax and get ahold of my emotions.

Norma’s class teaches different breathing exercises to help relax you. She teaches you how to tap into what your body and mind are feeling. The exercises/lessons whether they are drawings, visualizations or movement by music help you to step a little bit out of your comfort zone. Each week brings something new and different. I always want to come to class just to see what we will be doing on that particular night. It’s always a new adventure.

I feel happy that I decided to give this class a try as it was something new and different. Norma is very knowledgeable and really wants to reach out to people and help out with every day stress for the everyday person. Simple and logical teachings that will go a long way if you have an open mind.

I highly recommend this program if you’ve struggled with stress and anxiety or just need to learn how to meditate and tap into your inner thoughts and emotions.

Debbie A.

When I asked for help in getting off of my weight loss plateau, little did I know that it wasn’t how many calories I ate. ( I had been meticulously counting calories and exercising for months without results.) Rather, it was the nutritional imbalance that had my body in a turmoil.

Step by step, Norma guided me toward a nutritional and lifestyle approach that not only had me losing weight again, but helped reduced the inflammation that was causing me discomfort and lack of sleep. I’ve definitely learned to listen to what my body is telling me . . . eliminated foods that make me feel bad, and adding food, vitamins and minerals that make me feel good.

And, as a bonus, I’m no longer relying on pain medication to get me through a round of golf or the many other activities that make my life full of fun!

Again, thanks for getting me on a path to healthier living! I’m looking forward to enjoying my retired days in Arizona even more than before.