Laughter Yoga is well suited to helping women live fully and meaningfully for 4 important reasons.


Adds More Laughter to Life: Laughter Yoga is ideally suited to helping women live a more laughing life. It does not rely upon a sense of humor or cognitive function. Therefore, anyone can laugh heartily. It also helps people understand that they do not need a reason to laugh.


Promotes Physical Health: Laughter Yoga is a great form of exercise. Because it is fun, women are willing to engage in it even if they are not otherwise willing to exercise. Laughing increases heart health, boosts the immune system, relieves pain naturally, lowers blood sugar quickly, and frees up deep breathing. All of these things bring much needed health benefits to seniors.


Supports Good Mental Health: Many women suffer from depression, frustration and anger. As they experience life challenges it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a positive mental attitude. Laughter Yoga changes a person’s biochemistry in a way that supports good mental health regardless of their circumstances.


Increases Social Connection: Laughter Yoga allows for strong social bonding with friends, relatives, fellow residents at care facilities as well as caregivers and medical personnel. Even women with life challenges can forge meaningful connections with Laughter Yoga. This development of friendship decreases loneliness and increases quality of life.

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