When suffering and chaos are present in my life, it often seems difficult or impossible to settle into a quiet space and listen. First I must recognize that I want peace instead of this. Next I ask for guidance, direction, or help from God. Then I breathe until there is a calmness and I allow myself to listen for an answer. Through the Holy Spirit I receive thoughts for the mind while the Christ in me leads my heart to Love.

I remember that God (my Higher Source) always knows and my little self (ego) always tries to jump in the way to make me think that I can handle everything through fear, guilt, shame, frustration, anger, and the list goes on and on.

Every experience in my life is an opportunity to choose between which thought system I am going to listen to with just a little willingness. Then I can lead with my heart to extend Love especially when there is a call for Love from myself and others.

Letters are sent to me from my Higher/Inner/Holy Self when I struggle with the many different situations in my life. There will be different terms that I use, but they all refer to God, Christ, and Holy Spirit. I hope these messages sent to me will create a positive spark for you in some way to trust in asking for yourself.