Freedom From Stress


If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, overworked or stressed out and wishing you could finally get a good night’s sleep, you are in the right place.


If you’ve ever wished you could react differently to the things that seem to be thrown at you day in and day out and go through your day with ease, you are in the right place.


If you’ve ever wished you could stop living in reaction mode and start responding differently, you are in the right place.





Freedom from stress doesn’t happen on its own –

it happens in an intimate group and through transformative learning.

Each group focuses on:


  • How to Recognize the Signs of Stress and FEEL More Relaxed

  • How to Use 3 Different Meditation Techniques to NEUTRALIZE Your Stress Reaction

  • How to Use Breath and Movement to Release Body Tension and RELAX

  • How to Break Free from Negative Emotions and EXPRESS Them in a Healthy Way

  • How EMOTIONS can Impact Why, How and What We Eat

Each group can run for four to eight weeks with weekly 90-minute sessions. Groups consist of just 7-9 individuals.


We serve as a guide, mentor, teacher, and companion on your journey. We provide weekly guidance and activity assignments to help you learn new tools and implement them into your daily living. Because the groups are small and intimate, it allows you to feel safe and have a place to explore and learn.

It’s important to note that these groups are guided learning groups and NOT:

:: Therapy groups or a substitute for any disorder treatment.  If you have a diagnosed disorder or other mental health condition that pertains to this work, you must also be receiving care from a licensed professional and disclose this in your application.

:: One on one coaching. If you want more personal attention than the weekly group sessions, you can arrange this!


Each member is expected to:

:: Commit to and attend each weekly session

:: Be ready to let go of excuses

:: Be open to new tools and be willing to try them not only in our sessions but in your own life.

:: Keep confidentiality of the group members and what is shared in our sessions.

Please contact me at to schedule your discovery session. During our discovery session, together we will explore if the freedom from stress group program is a good fit.

We want you to feel empowered and be aware of how stress impacts your life.

We long for you to feel more at ease and deeply satisfied in your life.

We want you to know that you are not alone and others are traveling this road right beside you.

We are excited for you to experience the power of these tools in a community with expert, personal support.

These groups are life transforming. It’s an honor to lead them.

Is it time for you to finally get freedom from stress? Is it time for you to finally get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for your day?

If so, schedule your no obligation discovery session today by emailing me at .