I am the Founder of The Center for Mind Body Wellness and Inspiration Director at A Positive Spark and I am also known as the Healthy Mood Coach.  As an author, speaker and educator, I have been a lifelong champion for women’s wellness and overall health.

I personally struggle with overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression as well as facing loss, grief and working through big life challenges. It is through these experiences, and what I learn from them, that provide a deep rooted foundation for my well-lived life.  It has become my life’s mission to support others in their journey.

I provide a safe, compassionate and inviting environment. My emphasis is on breath, relationship with food, rejuvenation and connection to dynamic internal stillness. You learn how to be aware of your mind-body connection and build a strong foundation for deepening your own inner voice on your wellness journey. Your individual needs are addressed, which allows you to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally while creating space to deepen a relationship with your authentic self.

You may contact me for a free Discovery Session by emailing or calling to schedule a virtual appointment.

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